Writing is tough. Let Grammar Coach™ make you a better writer.

Grammar Coach™ is the only free, easy-to-use spelling, punctuation, and grammar checker you need. This formidable, AI-backed tool corrects all your mistakes, taking your writing from good to great instantly.

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Grammar Coach™ checks your grammar and spelling, and even suggests synonyms.

Stuck on spelling? Caught in a grammar tangle? Not sure if your email sounds professional? Grammar Coach™ will guide you toward clearer writing. It’s tenacious, robust, perceptive and, dare we say, impressive.

Write confidently with support.

We built an AI-backed writing tool powered by our beloved Dictionary and maintained by our renowned lexicographers. What does that mean for you? The highest quality corrections and suggestions for easier, faster, smarter writing.

Grammar Check

Corrects every grammar and spelling error. Start writing smarter today!

Countless Synonyms

Thesaurus-powered, accurate, and simple. It’s a writing game-changer.

Tone And Style Tips

Catch informal language, passive voice, and more. We’ll let you know if your tone is spot on, too.

Inclusive Language

Avoid bias and maintain impartiality in your writing with our helpful suggestions.

Reader Engagement

No repetitive or uninspiring words on our watch! We catch them to keep your writing compelling.


Over 18 million grammar suggestions made. It’s the only online writing assistant you need.
This writing tool was helpful for both creative writing and writing essays. It was like having an editor! It checked grammar, spelling, and helped find more elegant wording.
There was a lot to like about the writing tool. My favorite part was that I didn't have to try and think about a synonym; it would do it for me.

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